Ethics Committee's Members

Sl. No Members of EC Qualifications
1. Chairperson/ Vice Chairperson (optional) Non-affiliated

A well-respected person from any background with prior experience of having served/serving in an EC.

2. Member Secretary/ Alternate Member Secretary (optional) Affiliated

Should be a staff member of the institution

Should have knowledge and experience in clinical research and ethics, be motivated and have good communication skills.

Should be able to devote adequate time to this activity which should be protected by the institution.

3. Basic Medical Scientist(s) Affiliated/ non-affiliated

Non-medical or medical person with qualifications in basic medical sciences

In case of EC reviewing clinical trials with drugs, the basic medical scientist should preferably be a pharmacologist

4. Clinician(s) Affiliated/ non-affiliated

Should be individual/s with recognized medical qualification, expertise and training

5. Legal expert/s Affiliated/ non-affiliated

Should have a basic degree in Law from a recognized university, with experience

Desirable: Training in medical law.

6. Social scientist/ philosopher/ ethicist/theologian Affiliated/ non-affiliated

Should be an individual with social/behavioural science/ philosophy/ religious qualification and training and/or expertise and be sensitive to local cultural and moral values. Can be from an NGO involved in health-related activities

7. Lay person(s) Non-affiliated

Literate person who has not pursued a medical science/ health related career in the last 5 years

May be a representative of the community and aware of the local language, cultural and moral values of the community

Desirable: involved in social and community welfare activities

*For in detail information regarding composition, affiliations, qualifications, member specific roles and responsibilities of an Ethics committee, please refer to Table 4.1 of ICMR National Ethical Guidelines 2017.